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Prof. Dr. Gerd Schulte (born 1957) achieved his Master degree in Economics (Dipl.-Volksw., 1986) in Hamburg and Business Administration (Dipl.-Kfm., 1983) in Osnabrück.

In 1983 he was a Scientific Assistant, focused on Science and Research of European Business Studies in Osnabrück.

From 1986 to 1990 practical occupation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Hamburg. There he was responsible for the creation and support of computer-aided controlling systems for FHG (Airport Management Company) and HMC (Exebitions and Conventions). Further tasks: Development of a computer-aided capital investment system, installation of  cost accounting (SAP) (1987-1990).

After three years of practical experience he became a lecturer in Business Data Processing and Economics at the University of Applied Sciences FH Ostfriesland, Emden (1990).  Lectures: Project Management, Network Planning Technique, Planning Game LUDUS, Production Planning Systems.

In 1993 he finished his Doctorate (Dr. rer. pol.) in Economics at Hamburg University. Thesis: Controlling of state-owned enterprises and public enterprises.

From 1993 until 1995 he was a fulltime Professor in Accounting at the University of Applied Sciences, Harz (Wernigerode). For this University Prof. Schulte and two of his colleagues built up the Economic Faculty.  Lectures: Accounting, Cost Accounting, Controlling and Finance.

In 1996 he returned to the University of Applied Sciences FH Ostfriesland, Emden, as a  Professor of  Controlling and Finance.

From 2000 until 2002 he headed as first dean the Faculty Business Administration at the new established University of Applied Sciences FH Oldenburg, Ostfriesland, Wilhelmshaven (FHOOW). Since 2002 he continues his teaching as a C3 Professor at the FHOOW.  His teaching activities concentrate on  Controlling, Logistics, Project Management, Procurement. The research activities of  Prof. Schulte are focussed on Project Controlling and Supply Chain Controlling.

Furthermore his achivements include lectures at two Universities of Cooperative Education (1991-2006). In 2002 he organized the German Deans Conference in Emden. As an advisor, Prof. Schulte has sofar overseen  more than 200 theses. Most of them were developed in connection with big international companies like DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen, Ecolab, Bentley Motors, Airbus and BASF.






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